Hello and welcome to Learning the Law, a podcast about all things legal with a focus on current events where we try and teach you things in an hour. My name is Ashley, aka PhoenixNymphy and my co-host who is the man of the hour, my husband Ron. This podcast is purely educational and should not be taken as legal advice, this podcast does not create an attorney client relationship, this podcast is based on his interpretation of relevant law. Any opinions expressed are the opinions of the individual making them and do not reflect the opinions of any firm, company or other individuals. Ron is a licensed practicing attorney in the state of California.


  1. Our Weeks
  2. Questions from the audience
  3. Topic of the week – Women Lawmakers
    1. Milestones of women’s history in politics
    2. Jeannette Pickering Rankin – First woman to hold federal office in the US US rep as Republican from Montana in 1916 and again in 1940
      1. She opposed both world wars and was the only member of congress to vote against ww2 – pacifist 
      2. She introduced legislation that eventually became the 19th amendment
      3. Still remains the only woman ever elected to congress from Montana
    3. Soledad Chacon – first woman elected to be secretary of state of new mexico and the first Hispanice/POC woman elected to state office in the US.
    4. Coray bell reynolds
    5. Shirley Chisholm  – First Black woman to serve in congress
      1. While in congress she was dubbed “fighting Shirley” and introduced more than 50 pieces of legislation and championed racial and gender equality, helping the poor, and ending the Vietnam War.
      2. Became first black woman and 2nd woman ever to serve on the House Rules Committee.
        1. Rules Committee – The Rules Committee has two broad categories of jurisdiction: special orders for the consideration of legislation (known as “special rules” or “rules”) and original jurisdiction matters. A special rule provides the terms and conditions of debate on a measure or matter, consideration of which constitutes the bulk of the work of the Rules Committee.  original jurisdiction measures, which commonly represent changes to the standing rules of the House, or measures that contain special rules, such as the expedited procedures in trade legislation.


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