Show notes for Ep #37: International Women’s Day


Hello and welcome to Learning the Law, a podcast about all things legal with a focus on current events where we try to teach you things in an hour. My name is Ashley aka PhoenixNymphy and my co-host who is the man of the hour, my husband Ron. This podcast is purely educational and should not be taken as legal advice, this podcast does not create an attorney-client relationship, this podcast is based on our interpretation of relevant law. Any opinions expressed are the opinions of the individual making them and do not reflect the opinions of any firm, company, or other individuals. Ron is a licensed practicing attorney in the state of California.

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  1. Our Weeks
  2. Questions from the audience (if there are any)
  3. Topic of the week – Women of the Law
    1. International Women
    2. Margaret Brent – 1st woman to appear in the English colonies as an advocate in the common law courts
    3. Arabella Mansfield – 1st woman to become a lawyer in the US in 1869. She was admitted to the Iowa Bar.
    4. Esther Morris – 1st female justice of the peace in Wyoming territory. 1870
    5. Genevieve Rose Cline – First woman to serve at a federal level.
    6. Sandra Day O’Conner – First woman on the supreme court – 1981 til 2006
    7. Women in politics – us timeline
    8. Time’s Women of political history
    9. Ketanji Brown Jackson


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